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Remote Deposit Capture. Image of woman smiling and take a picture of a check with a cell phone.

Skip the line and deposit your check anywhere in the world right from your mobile device.

Deposit Checks From Anywhere

Within minutes you can deposit your check straight to your bank account.

  • Funds are available in your account as soon as the next business day.*
  • Weekends, evenings or from your couch, you can deposit checks to your GFCU account anytime and anywhere.
  • Your accounts are protected with Password Protection, internet firewalls, and 128-bit encryption.

Keep In Mind

Here are some ways to insure the quickest turn around time for your checks;

  • Check Image: Make sure you are in a well lit area when you take a picture of your check using the Remote Deposit Capture feature. Also, place the check on a flat surface for the clearest picture. Click here to view examples.
  • Keep the Check: Make sure to keep the check for 90 days. This will allow us to refer to the original check if there were to be a dispute or need for a re-scan.
  • Sign the Back: On the back of the check, make sure to write For Mobile Deposit at GEICO FCU** and dont forget your signature!***

For any questions on navigating Remote Capture in our app, please see our How To Guide.

For more information, see our Remote Deposit Capture Disclosure.

* - If check is scanned after 2pm EST, funds will be credited to your account the next business day.

** - The regulation was put into effect to prevent accidental duplicate deposits. Please note that checks deposited without the endorsement will be returned.

***You agree to restrictively endorse any check transmitted through the Service by supplying the following verbiage: “For Remote Deposit to GEICO FCU ”, followed by your legally-binding signature to endorse the check. For example, a proper endorsement would appear as follows: For Remote Deposit Only s/ Sue Ellen Ewing You further agree that we may handle and process any check image you transmit to us through the Service in accordance with the terms of this Agreement notwithstanding any restrictive, qualified, or conditional endorsement you may apply to the check without our approval or direction