Man with glasses looking at laptop computer screen. Man looking at computer screen. Online Banking.

In today's world, life can be demanding. The way you manage your finances shouldn't be.

With GEICO FCU Online Banking, you get the ease and convenience of banking from your home, office or wherever you may be. Manage your money safely and easily with ultimate access, control and security on one simple screen. Online Banking features include:

  • Check account balances instantly
  • Track transactions to see exactly where your money is going
  • Pay bills with a few clicks
  • Transfer funds safely in seconds

Simplify your life and enroll for Online Banking today. Already enrolled? Review the Online Banking login instructions before logging into your new account for the first time.

Online Bill Pay

Pay bills fast and easy with free Online Bill Pay*. This service is available around the clock, simple to use and secure so your financial information remains private.

  • Make one-time payments or schedule recurring payments in advance
  • Make payments to any payee
  • Pay regular monthly bills
  • Check that bills have been paid
  • Confirm the dates of upcoming bills

Save time and postage — enroll for Bill Pay today. Already enrolled? Review the Bill Pay login instructions before logging into your new account for the first time.

*To use Online Bill Pay, you must be signed up for GEICO FCU's Online Banking service.

Money Management

All In One Place

We make it easy for you to budget for that next big event in your life whether it be paying of student loans or a family trip.

It has never been easier to keep track of all your accounts, as Money Management gives you the tools you need to organize your spending in to clean easy to read charts.

Create the budget to get the most out of your dollar with the easy to use budget tracker. Money Management works as your personal accountant, auto categorizing your transactions so you don’t have to. You also have the ability to edit and re-arrange your categories as you see fit.

Budgeting Made Simple

Money Management automatically organizes your transactions across all of your accounts and assigns each transaction to a category based on the type of spending. All you have to do is set your target limits for any of your spending categories and the rest is automatic. You can even set up alerts to let you know if you're close to or have exceeded your spending goal.

Get better insight into your spending so you can make better financial decisions. Start today by clicking on the Money Management link within Online Banking and following the on-screen instructions.

Track trends by categories and subcategories. Also review income and spending habits up to a 12 month range.

For more information on how Money Management can help click here.

Other Online Services

We are always looking to add more service to our online platforms. Feel free to take advantage of the many services we offer, including;