Budgeting Made Easy

Money Management

Budgeting Made Simple

Hands reaching through two computer screens. The one on the left holds a credit card. The one on the right hodls a shopping bag.

Here at GEICO Federal Credit Union, we make it our responsibility to make sure your money is doing the most for you. That’s why we are proud to introduce our Money Management product free to our members in Online Banking. Spend less time organizing your transactions into categories and more time saving money for your next big life event. Outline your budget and set goals for savings or paying off your big ticket items such as your mortgage or vehicle. Let us make it easy for you to achieve your future goals here at GEICO FCU.

All In One Place

Money Management makes it easy to keep track of all of your accounts and spending across multiple institutions.

  • Keep all of your banking information combined in one location with real-time updates on transactions from all of your accounts.
  • Use Cash Flow to keep track of expected debits and transfers for specific dates.
  • All transactions can be viewed from all accounts on your budget tab in clear and concise graphs.

Power of a Dollar

Graph showing a budget breakdown into different categories.

Take advantage of our powerful budgeting tool that is flexible enough to fit any of your needs and goals.

  • Specify spending limits based on category and receive notifications (via email or text) when you are nearing your budget limit.
  • With the easy to use interface, it is now easier than ever to view you spending habits with clear and easy to read charts. Spend less time organizing your budget and more time planning out .
  • Set future goals for any financial landmarks you are looking to meet, whether it be paying off a debt or saving for that next big purchase.