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GFCU Testimonials

At GEICO Federal Credit Union, we're constantly striving to provide our members with the best service and experience in everything we do.

See for yourself what some of our members are saying about their GEICO FCU experience:

"I am so pleased with my services when I use the Fredericksburg Credit Union branch office. The branch manager named Ms. Marcia Jones is extremely professional and helpful and always has a smile on her face! Ms. Kathleen is an amazing Credit Union employee and her customer service skills are excellent as well. Both representatives are an asset to GFCU and I wanted to provide my praise for their excellent services!"

-MT, Fredericksburg

"My family and I became a one-car family when we moved to Hawaii for a promotion in the GEICO office there.  Due to the cost of shipping cars the 2,500 miles from Arizona to Hawaii, we made the decision to only ship one car.  Luckily, with the bus system on the island, I was able to commute to work via bus while my wife and infant son used the car.  However, in 2014, I accepted a promotion to the Katy, Texas, office and moved again.  Shortly after moving here, my wife and I had an infant and a toddler, with one car between us.  Waking the kids up early to take Daddy to work was never a popular option.  A family member gifted us with a 25-year old clunker which lasted for a few months but before long it was a giant paperweight in our garage.  We needed a reliable car for me to take to work.  My parents were selling their 2011 Honda CR-V and, although they wanted to give it to my family, they needed to sell it because they themselves had a loan on it.  Here’s where GEICO FCU stepped in.  They helped me through a complicated loan process which included an out-of-state purchase from a family member in which their loan was to be paid off.  The GEICO FCU staff took great care of me and never dropped the ball during the purchase.  Thank you GEICO FCU for helping my family become a two-car family again!"

-JR, Katy

"In May of 2018 I had had some financial trouble and on top of it all, our car had broken down.  Working at GEICO I knew I could apply for a loan to help.  I was aware of the process, but I prefer to talk with someone in this situation face to face.  So I went to the credit union and the two ladies who work there were so very helpful.  They walked me through every form I needed, every piece of paper, from time sheets, proof of residency to where to sign and how to sign, things you don’t think about in this kind of situation.  They made the application process so very easy and were there every single time I had a question or needed advice.  I was not approved for the loan, which did not bother me because of the experience I had had with the girls and their manager just made it ok  They were so very nice, helpful and went above and beyond their duties I believe.  I went back to thank the girls for all of their help and let them know that even though I didn’t get the loan I was so very thankful for their time, consideration and empathy in my time of need.  GREAT employees in the Virginia beach office."

-RB, Virginia Beach

"I’m currently planning a wedding and I moved to a different address, therefore I was missing mail. I went to the ATM and it showed that my card no longer worked. I was extremely scared because I had less than two months before my wedding and I needed my money. The bank was closed. I went into the bank the next day, and Alexis was so nice as assured me that I will get a new card with a chip in a few days. She provided me with the funds I needed. It doesn’t seem like much, but that was a huge relief."

- JB, Dallas

"I will be forever grateful to GFCU! What many people fear, happened to me earlier this year, fraudulent activity on multiple accounts! You go through a range of emotions when it happens to you, but worried and angry come to mind first. It is the absolute worst time to keep someone on hold or make them explain the same story to 25 different people, I experienced these exact things, but NOT at GFCU, at another MAJOR banking company that will remain nameless. To make a very long story short, I am no longer with that large bank, I cancelled my account based on their customer service and lackluster investigation. I was an (and am) a 15 year member of the GFCU, and they made me feel that way. I will be a loyal customer for the rest of my life, they made a tough time go as easy as it could be. Thank you GFCU!"

-SO, Woodbury

"Be fanatics for outstanding customer service is one of our Operating Principles.  Many of us probably don’t think about that for serving internal customers, but that is always get when I stop by the Credit Union.  Having banked with the credit union for over 20 years, I have forgotten what it was like to be in an actual bank, but I am pretty sure it never involved someone calling me by name as I enter the door.  We have had some special associates over the years in our credit union and I am grateful that Sylvia is continuing that in the Macon office.  Thanks to everyone at our GEICO Federal Credit Union offices for their belief in fanatical customer service."

-JT, Macon 

"I have been a member of the GEICO Credit Union for amount 3-4 months.  The staff here at the Dallas location are AMAZING!!  When I went down to express some interest in opening an account the staff walked me through the process and explained all of the benefits of having an account. I opened the account and the first thing that I was excited about was the ability split my paycheck between My GEICO CU account and my Bank of America account.  I love it!!  I have my tithes go into the CU account for easy access to pay them.  Secondly, we receive our allocated monies on the day before our actual payday, which is super helpful on those weeks that I am struggling to make it to payday.  Finally, I was up against a financial strain and needed money to take an unexpected trip.  I had only been with the credit union for about 2 months and I applied for a loan to help me and it was approved.  I was so shocked because I had only been with the CU for a short amount of time.  I am thankful and grateful for the support, kindness and great customer service provided by the GEICO Credit Union."

-MJ, Dallas

"I recently joined the GFCU family when I purchased my first car. With my paycheck still going to another bank, I had to transfer money into my GFCU account for my loan payment. The very first time I tried, there was a mix-up that resulted in my money being transferred into someone else's GFCU account! Even worse, my primary bank did nothing to help remediate the situation. GFCU was never responsible for the mix-up, but they made my situation a priority and helped me get my money back. I am so thankful for Trey and Tia at GFCU for making me feel like a valued customer. That, along with the low interest rate I received on my auto loan, is why I am extremely happy with my decision to be a GFCU member."

-NV, Plaza

"I started my GEICO account when I was hired in 2015 and basically have used it for direct deposit and have it linked to another bank I have used for years.  My wife was transferred and we found that we had to move on fairly short notice and I was able to transfer with GEICO to our new location in Tennessee.  Well I forgot to make a transfer between accounts and it was closing week and thought I was in trouble.  I made a phone call to GEICO Federal Credit Union and they were able to help me get everything done extremely quickly so there were NO Issues with my closing.   I am considering doing all my banking with GEICO due to their Customer Service!"

-TM, Clarksville, Tennessee

"The GFCU has served me well for over 26 years. I started with GEICO in 1992 when I was 18 and soon after that I bought a new car. GFCU approved me for that loan!!  I was so excited to make my first big purchase.  (my dad as the cosigner of course). I currently enjoy the Christmas club, savings and the fact that I can have additional savings accounts for my children. I have had a few loans with them and that has helped me out tremendously. The process was super simple and not time consuming. GFCU has helped me in many financial areas for over 26 years and the Fredericksburg staff always makes me feel like I matter as soon as I walk in their branch."

-KC, Fredericksburg

"I am beyond grateful for the GEICO FCU because having the access to a bank while at work made my life so much easier during a really difficult time of my life last year.  My boyfriend had a brain hemorrhage and was hospitalized for a month, and was unconscious for almost that entire time.  While I was trying to keep his bills and life in order, I too had my own financial order that needed to be kept. So, instead of being overwhelmed by all that I had to do financially, I opened a GEICO checking and savings account and I set up a Go Fund Me account for my fiancé with my newly opened account, so I was able to handle all of his bills and keep his finances in order, as well as mine, because of GEICO FCU.  I was able to visit the credit union on a daily basis if needed, and it was just a short quick walk that I could take on my break.  We are so grateful, and now that savings account that I opened a year ago is being used as a wedding fund, as we are now engaged!"

-EE, San Diego

"First of all I highly recommend EVERYONE at GEICO to get a GEICO FCU account. My favorite part is you can set up an automatic direct deposit to your GEICO FCU account for something small like $50 or $100 per paycheck to use as a special fund. Come time for our honeymoon to Paris, we were able to enjoy some extra special dinners, trips to museums and first class train tickets thanks to this account. She had no idea I had done this since I enrolled in paperless billing and monitored the account through the GEICO FCU app. It was an amazing feeling to have the money saved so that the bills did not follow us home after our trip. Any time I have a question or need help I am able to reach out to Kathleen Wedin, who is basically my personal GEICO FCU assistant that answers all my questions via email or phone call. I don’t know any other bank you can email back and forth. She even wrote me a nice message congratulating me on my marriage. Do yourself a favor and set up an account with a portion of your check direct depositing to GEICO FCU and you will thank yourself later. Our one year wedding anniversary is coming up on December 30th and we will have enough money saved to pay for our trip to San Antonio. Thank you GEICO FCU for all that you do!"

-MS, Houston

"The tuition reimbursement loan from the credit union was so helpful, I wouldn't have been able to go back to college and get started [without it]. I'll be able to use the training in college to move  up in my career here at GEICO and pursue my dreams."

-JF, Virginia Beach

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