Send Money

Popmoney is a person to person payment system that allows you to send money to a recipient's email or cell phone via the GEICO FCU mobile app or online banking. This makes splitting the bill, sending gifts to friends and family and paying rent to your landlord or roommates that much easier.

Sending Money

  1. Log in to your online banking account either on your desktop or on the GEICO FCU mobile app and select the Popmoney tab.
  2. Enter the recipient's phone number, email address, or account information.
  3. You will receive a notification via email once the transaction is completed.

Receiving Money

  • If you are a recipient of a Popmoney transfer, you will receive an email or text message notifying you that someone has sent you money.
  • If your financial institution offers Popmoney, you can log in to your account and direct funds there. If your financial institution does not offer Popmoney, you can provide your account information at and your money will be sent to that account at your financial institution.
  • If money was sent directly to an account, it will be automatically deposited. No additional action is required.

Why Popmoney?

  • Easily send payments from person to person.
  • Option to set up faster payments and recurring transfers.
  • Securely send or request money from others using just a phone number or email.


Moving money between accounts no longer requires a visit to a branch or ATM. External transfers allow you to securely move money electronically from an account at another financial institution to your account at GEICO FCU and vice versa. It's one of the most convenient and secure ways to move money today.


  • Set up recurring payments in advance.
  • Faster payment options are available.
  • Most non-expedited transfers occur within four business days.

Why Electronic Transfers?

  • Easily transfer money from one financial institution to another.
  • Set up automatic transfers to other accounts for outside financial institutions securely.
  • Pay your GEICO FCU loan from an External Account.