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If you've been thinking about taking to the open roads or water we want to make it easy to get started. With a few simple steps let us take care of helping you pick the perfect plan and create the road map for you.

GEICO FCU's Car Buying Service

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What Do I Need?

Getting started with your pre-approval process is really simple. The only thing you will need to do is fill out a quick application and provide proof of income.

Are you already enrolled in online banking? If so you can sign in to your account and click on the Apply for a Loan/Credit Card option. If not you can grab the form either online or walk into your local branch to get started.

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New vs. Used

There are plenty of upsides of both new and used vehicles, but which one is better for you? We listed some of the benefits of both options to make it easier to choose what’s best for you.

New Vehicles Used Vehicles
More Competitive Rates: One of the main benefits of newer vehicles is the rates when looking at a loan. The amount you save on your interest rates every year makes quite the difference by the time you pay off your vehicle. Lower Insurance Rates: Insurance rates are generally cheaper the older the vehicle is due to parts and repairs being less expensive.
Newest Technology: Newer vehicles have the ability to not only innovate but also resolve issues that the previous models may have had. Lower Registry: Registry renewals are generally cheaper the older the vehicle is.
Manufacturer's Warranty: In the event that you do run into a situation where you have to get something fixed with your car, the manufacturer's warranty will take care of you if you are within a certain mileage/age limit. Getting More For Your Buck: Want to get a more luxurious vehicle but don't want the price? Buying an older version may get you the best of both worlds.
Better Mileage / Less Emissons: As technology is getting better, vehicles are become more fuel efficient, which means better on your wallet and less harmful for the enviroment. Easier to Own: One of the benefits of having a lower payment amount is that you get that much closer to owning your vehicle. Once the vehicle is yours free and clear you dont have to worry about a monthly car payment!


Dealer vs. Private Owner Purchase

photo of a motorcycle

So you know what vehicle you want to buy, but now where do you want to purchase it from? Would you like to work with an individiual or have the benefits of purchasing from a dealership? Here are some of the perks of both options:

Dealer Private Owner
Title Transfer: Purchasing from the dealer takes one more step out of the process for you. Most dealers will take care of the transfer of the title and tag for you, meaning you will spend less time in the DMV line. Competitive Pricing: Negotiating a competitive price is easier with a private seller and you don't have to worry about the potential mark up on the vehicle you're looking to purchase.
Streamlined Experience: Most of the dealerships today are held to state and federal standard. Everyone Wins: Many private owners are looking to sell their vehicle to make a bit more money than what they would get for the trade-in value, but still being more competitive than the dealerships.
Certified Pre-Owned: Many dealers offer certified pre-owned vehicles that take the hassel out of making sure your vehicle is ready to go right of the lot. Less Pressure : For a more relaxed situation, private owners may be your solution. You wont have to worry about any sales associates with hidden agendas.


Finalize Your Loan

young man looking at an idea board

Now that you have been approved there are a few other quick details to check off:

  • Proof of Insurance - GEICO offers some of the most competitive rates around for all of your transportation needs, even though you are more than welcome to choose an insurance provider of your choosing.
  • Inspection - A thorough evaluation of the vehicle, just to make sure that everything is up to par! For boats, if you are not able to receive an official inspection, detailed photos of the boat will do.
  • Title - The requirements for changing titles may differ a bit (depending on the state), however, by checking with the DMV it should give you the information that you need based on your state.
  • Bill of Sale - You must provide proof of the transaction, which is important to have for both the seller and the buyer. This will have some important info about the vehicle such as vehicle identification number (VIN), sale price, name of parties involved and more. To see how the Bill of Sale may differ by state click here. click here.
  • List of Features/Model - You must provide a description of the vehicle (such as manual, automatic, body style, rear wheel drive or front wheel drive, etc).