Planning Ahead

Money Management

Starting January 26, 2018, Money Management will replace FinanceWorks as your budgeting tool in online banking and on the GEICO FCU mobile app. Money Management allows users to visualize their spending and budgeting with custom categories and the ability to view transaction trends. As we prepare to launch this new feature, here are a few ways Money Management gives you complete control in managing your finances.To see how the change will impact your Finance Works click here

New Features

Keeping up with your finances has never been easier. The new Money Management tool allows users to seamlessly set up and monitor budgets and spending, keeping you on track with your financial goals and responsibilities. Here are just a few of the new features to expect in the Money Management feature.

  • More robust spending categories to help track your spending habits
  • Set goals for important milestones such as savings goals, debt payoff and retirement.
  • Keep up with your budget from anywhere in the world with the GEICO FCU Mobile App. Receive text alerts or emails about your budgeting progress.

Why use MX?

Money Management is a model that makes managing your finances and sticking to your goals effortless. Text alerts and progress charts in addition to a variety of other features keep you updated on how you're doing.

  • Monitor Your Spending: Take control of your spending with information from all of your bank accounts, loans and credit cards.
  • Get Ahead: Plan for the future with advanced budgeting data. Set goals for important things such as savings, debit payoff and retirement.
  • Chart Your Progress: Get data on your spending habits on all of your accounts in one location. Chart your progress towards your goal and current net worth.
  • Budget Anywhere: Manage your budgets both online and through our GEICO FCU Mobile App.