Upcoming Features:

At GEICO FCU we are continually looking at ways to improve our member experience. We are pleased to announce some recent changes to our GEICO FCU Mobile app to help you get more from your mobile banking experience!

Bill Pay:


Viewing Payee Details:

The payee details view is updated to add more relevant information and present users with more easily readable content.

Edit Payee Detail:

Now, users can edit the details of a payee by tapping the edit button on the payee details screen. Users may also delete the payee from the same screen. Based on whether the payee is managed (payees who have a set location - usually companies) or unmanaged(payees who can be paid anywhere - usually individuals) , the fields offered to be edited will be different.

Remote Capture Deposit:

Check Image Options in RDC:

The Remote Deposit Capture feature now provides mobile device users a technically-superior, user-friendly method for capturing high-quality check images quickly and easily.

Users will now have two methods to choose from when depositing a check through the GFCU mobile app.

  • Auto capture - Check image is captured automatically from the video of front & back of check
  • Manual capture - User manually takes the picture of front and back of check

*Note that if auto-capture fails after 30 seconds, the app will suggest taking the picture manually.

Accessibility for RDC:

For vision-impaired and other users with additional accessibility needs, the RDC UI has been updated to allow taking checks so that they can make a successful deposit.

Other Updates:

Additional Account Detail:

User will now be able to see all relevant account data fields on the account transactions page organized by account type. This would also include showing routing number and account number. Below are the screens showing what the accounts and account history screens look like.

Past Due:

past due iphone screen  android past due image

(iPhone image on the left, Andriod on the right)

Loan and Credit Card accounts now show when they are past due, along with the amount that is past due. This feature is enabled by default. Additionally, a warning icon may be shown with these past due entries but it is disabled by default (this applies to the Accounts & Account History Page).