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Six Ways to Make the Most of Your Membership this Holiday Season

With the holiday season in full swing, we want to make sure that you’re making the most out of the resources GEICO FCU offers you year-round. So we’ve put together a list of six easy ways you can make the most out of your GEICO FCU membership this holiday season! 

1. Set a Budget:

It’s easy to overspend when you’re constantly adding and checking off loved ones on your lists. However, it’s important to save yourself (and your wallet) from unnecessary stress this holiday season by planning out who and what you’ll need to buy for this holiday season. You can even set aside money for unexpected expenses such as last-minute gifts or additional travel expenses.

Check with your financial institution to see what budgeting resources they offer. GEICO FCU offers free budgeting software called Money Management that allows you to add and follow a budget. You can even set alerts to notify you when you’re about to go over budget.


2. Use Your Credit Card for Major Purchases (and get rewarded)

Using your credit card provides more fraud protection than paying with cash or debit card. You may also be eligible for rewards on your purchases and extra warranty protection from on your purchases when you use your financial institution’s credit card. 

With your GEICO FCU MasterCard®, you have access to special benefits and protections including specialized 24/7 credit card call center with priority call answering, assurance of security, ability to transfer balances from other credit cards with no fee and more. If you are uncomfortable with adding to your GEICO FCU credit card balance, paying with your GEICO FCU debit card is the next best option.


3. Use Your Debit Card for Smaller Purchases (and get rewarded)

While credit cards offer extra warranty protection on your purchases, debit cards are the next best option if you don’t want to add to your credit card balance or have not been approved for a credit card. GEICO FCU debit card holders can also take advantage of Purchase Rewards when using their debit cards at certain nationwide and local retailers.

Whether you're using your debit card or credit card, continue to carefully monitor all accounts for fraudulent activity, especially during the holiday season.


4. Monitor Your Accounts for Fraud

During the holiday season, identity thieves and fraudsters tend to especially active to take advantage of unsuspecting shoppers, both online and in-store. Buying gifts online may be easy, but with convenience comes risks. Be especially vigilant about monitoring your accounts during the holiday season to ensure your accounts don't fall victim to fraud. Contact your financial institution immediately if you discover a fraudulent charge on your account.

GEICO FCU gives you the ability to monitor your accounts 24/7 through online and mobile banking. You can even monitor activity on your GEICO FCU MasterCard through ezCardInfo and dispute fraudulent charges that appear on your credit card. For added security, you can also set alerts for transactions over a certain amount.


5. Avoid surcharge fees

Browsing local holiday markets and small businesses for the perfect gifts could require cash. If you use an ATM that is out of your financial institution’s network, you could end up paying close to $5 on average in additional fees according to a recent report by Bankrate.

Make sure you aren’t caught off-guard by researching your financial institution’s closest in-network ATMs before you shop. These could be in a variety of stores including (but not limited to) convenience stores, gas stations, and supermarkets.

GEICO FCU, for example, is part of a network of 55,000+ surcharge-free Allpoint® ATMs nationwide in addition to our 14 ATMs located in GEICO buildings. All you need is a GEICO FCU Debit Card.


6. Consider Special Holiday Promotions

Financial institutions often have special promotions on credit cards, personal loans and other products during the holiday season. Consider taking advantage of these when you’re planning out your holiday season finances for additional holiday travel, home repairs and other expenses.

GEICO FCU offers personal loans with low rates for the holiday season that can help you pay for holiday gifts, travel, home repairs or anything else you need to keep this holiday season merry. For a limited time, we’re also offering a 24-hour response guarantee* on all personal loan applications to help get you the funds you need to make your holidays merry. 


7. Bonus: Start saving for next year

If you’re spending more than anticipated this holiday season, plan ahead and start saving for next year. This could be in the form of a short-term certificate, separate checking/savings account or a holiday club account.

With a GEICO FCU holiday club account specifically, the funds saved in your account, including dividends, will be transferred on the first business day of November to the account of your choice. You can even set up automatic transfers to this account to make saving even easier. 

Membership at GEICO FCU is open to all current and former GEICO associates and their families. To take advantage of these and many more benefits, contact us to sign up for your membership today.  

*Application must be received before 2 pm Monday - Friday in order to be eligible for the 24 hour response guarantee. A response to applications received on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays will be sent by close of business on the next business day. The term of the offer is November 1 - December 31, 2019. GEICO FCU reserves the right to change this offer without notice.