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GFCU Debit Card

Debit Card Image. GEICO FCU Visa Debit Card. Access your funds securely and conveniently.

By using our VISA® Debit Cards, you can have access to your checking account funds wherever you go. For more information about our VISA® Debit Card offering, please review our VISA® Debit Cards FAQs.


Benefits of Debit Cards

The benefits of using your GEICO FCU Debit Card extend beyond the checkout counter.


Getting Your GFCU Debit Card

To apply for a GFCU VISA Debit Card, please visit one of our branches or contact us. Please allow 7-10 business days to receive your debit card.


Activation Instructions

Once you receive your GFCU VISA Debit Card, please call (844)-316-1966 to activate your new VISA Debit Card.


Changing Your PIN number

You should call (844)-316-1966 to set your debit card PIN number when you first receive the card. You can also call this number at any time while you have your GFCU Debit Card to change the PIN number. You may also change your GFCU VISA Debit Card PIN number at any of GEICO FCU's 14 network ATMs.


Transaction Limits

When using your debit card at checkout, you have the ability to make the purchase as a "debit" or a "credit" transaction. Both options will connect the transaction to your checking account. GEICO FCU debit cards have a limit of $505 of debit transactions per day and $1,000 or credit based transactions per day. Purchases above these amounts should be made using a credit card .


Reporting a Lost/Stolen Debit Card

Please report a lost or stolen debit card as soon as possible by calling us at 800-542-7896. After the lost/stolen card report is completed and approved, you will receive your new debit card* within 7-10 business days via standard mail.


*Fees may apply for replacement debit cards. Please see GEICO FCU's schedule of fees for more information.

Debit Card Rewards

Don't forget to take advantage of the great rewards program we offer with our debit cards - Purchase Rewards. Click here to learn more.